It rocks, dad! Parents will love design of this rocking horse, and children will simply adore jumping aboard. Giddy up! This unusual quadruped has it all: a design in keeping with safety standards, and a light aluminium frame and pads that will not scratch the floor. It is also an environmentally friendly piece, made from existing parts and tubes from other items of Fermob furniture, inspired by the aesthetics of the iconic Luxembourg collection. Adada is simply fantastic! Children, meanwhile, will love playing on it anywhere they can... indoors, outdoors and at the bottom of the garden. Taming it is child's play... choosing the right colour is another matter! A gift idea that is sure to delight our little ones! Fermob is now a partner of “Une Souris Verte”, a charity that works towards the inclusion of disabled children in society.


  • UV-resistant

Weight: : 2.5 kg
frame : Aluminium
Suitable for children over 10 months old
Meets toy safety standards (71-1, 71-2, and 71-3)
Product enhancement : Strengthened resistance of horse's head
pads : PVC

User instructions - ADADA Rocking Horse (687.1 kB)

Height 69 cm
Width 35 cm
Length 77 cm