The fabrics used on Fermob furniture are stain, mildew, tear, UV and abrasion resistant. This means that our furniture can be left outdoors without protection.
However, Fermob has designed water-repellent protective covers for some of the cushioned products in our Bellevie collection, to protect the furniture from dead leaves, sap, bird droppings and light weather conditions.
The covers should not be used for winter storage.

1. Vacuum your cushion or, if there are any stains, quickly dab them to absorb the liquid with a paper towel, cloth or towel.


2. Clean with a soft brush or sponge using a neutral soap, giving special attention to any stains.

3. When rinsing, raise the furniture up on blocks to allow the water to drain off.


4. Rinse with clean water (do not use a high pressure cleaner, a steam cleaner, dry cleaning or an abrasive liquid).


5. Allow to dry in the open air.