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"I bought a Cargo table two years ago. How do I know if it is still under guarantee?"
Visit the “Discover the furniture” section of the fermob.com website for details of the guarantee period for each product.

"My table is scratched, what should I do?"
The paint protects your furniture against rust. Any scratches or bumps that damage the paintwork should be quickly treated using the Fermob after-sales tools available (such as touch-up pens and sprays in the exact colour of your furniture). If rust begins to appear as a result of a scratch or bump, you should not sand it, but instead apply an anti-rust product as quickly as possible, and then repaint the area using the appropriate Fermob touch-up pen or spray paint. If rust develops on stainless steel parts, then a polish (liquid or paste only) should be applied as soon as the first traces appear. The sooner action is taken, the less the rust will spread.

"Where can I get hold of paint touch-up kits?"
Fermob offers a range of after-sales tools: touch-up pens and sprays in the exact colour of your furniture, pads, etc. These can be ordered from our approved Fermob retailers.

"I wish to make a claim under the terms of the guarantee. What should I do?"
If you wish to take advantage of your guarantee, return your furniture with your proof or purchase to your retailer. The retailer will either make the necessary repairs on their own premises or transfer your case to the Fermob after-sales service team.