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Fermob continues to liven up exteriors with a myriad of new products ! Ever since the company's creation, Fermob has been designing and producing furniture that is a pleasure to live with, joyful and functional, practical and simple, colourful and well designed.

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    New additions to the Infusion Graphique collection...

    The Infusion Graphique collection is the latest new addition to the Les Pièces Rapportées family. It features a vast range of accessories such as outdoor cushionstrays and fouta towels in an array of bright, summery colours. With this new collection, the Indian summer lasts all year long.  It is an ode to colour and good humour that simply demands to take its rightful place in our homes and gardens.

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  • HONEY enters the metal colour chart in 2014

    HONEY enters the metal colour chart in 2014

    A delicate balance of softness and shine… sunshine whatever the weather… Honey perfectly reflects the current fashion for all things vintage. It creates a warm look alongside red and orange shades, while adding a touch of vibrant intensity in combination with darker blues. Honey is the new colour for 2014 that simply demands to be matched!

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    CAPUCINE has been elected to the metal colour chart following the great colour match

    After a tough voting session, Capucine won the big colour match launched in September by a short margin. So you have chosen Capucine to make a dramatic Entry into the colour chart in 2014. A fine flower of a colour that symbolises lovers. Capucine embodies a successful marriage between orange and pink. It’s gentle but far from characterless. It knows its classics inside-out and gives a boost to Nutmeg, Linen and Cotton White. 

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  • PLUM now available in fabric

    PLUM now available in fabric

    After a year in metal and fantastic commercial success, Plum is now appearing as a fabric. Mystery and gentleness are top of the bill thanks to its mottled look. For a resolutely stylish and contemporary shade that can be as romantic as you like with pastel or powdered shades.

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    Les Floquées

    Fully flocked! Our flagship chairs are now dressed in their smartest clothes. 

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  • See the Sixties chair

    Sixties chair

    The Sixties collection is growing for its fans' happiness!

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  • See the swinging bed Osmose

    The swinging bed Osmose

    The hammock-inspired swinging bed !

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  • See the table 160 x 80 cm Costa

    Table Costa 160 x 80 cm

    No extensions but as sociable as ever.

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